RNRF LLC is a Human Resources consulting firm
based in the Greater Boston area

Founder and Managing Partner, Regina O’Brien deeply understands that people are the heart of every successful organization. Creating an environment where people feel valued (and heard!) is a key part of “the work” and leads to teams collaborating more effectively to “get stuff done”.
That’s why we’re dedicated to providing Human Resources services tailored to meet the unique needs of your organization in these three, equally important, areas:


Encourage employee feedback and commit
to fairness, authenticity, and transparency in decision-making
and communications.


Set clear and measurable expectations for all levels of management (including top executives), while offering continuous learning opportunities.


Maintain accountability for decisions and actions while implementing robust compliance processes to effectively minimize risk.

Regina has been a Kolbe Certified™ Consultant since 2011 and one of the few available in the Greater Boston area. Through her long-time practice, she has the skills to identify people’s natural talents and help them to utilize those talents to minimize stress while getting more done. Regina is also equipped with the knowledge to help organizations and teams communicate more effectively, reduce turnover, and increase engagement through strengths-based actions.